Keeping your feet healthy this winter


With the start of the winter season, it is as important as ever to look after your feet. If you are heading away on holidays, ensure that your feet are prepared for the activities planned.

Wear the right shoes for the activity: Protect your feet from calluses, blisters and ankle injury with the right shoes for the situation. If going on outdoor walks or hikes, wear walking shoes with good grip to help prevent slips and falls.

Keep your feet dry: Water resistant footwear will help repel weather elements that can cause dampness. Wearing moisture-wicking (polyester or wool) socks will help keep feet dry from sweat. Damp feet can cause cold feet which can become harmful.

Keep stretching & strengthening: Stretching exercises can help maintain mobility and strength in feet and ankles. Targeted strength training programs can improve your balance and strengthen muscles that are used in keeping your foot stable.

If your heading to the Slopes: Don’t overdo it by pacing yourself during the day. Ensure your boots fit correctly. Loose boots can leave you susceptible to fractures and ankle sprains, while boots too tight can cut off circulation. Ensure that you are wearing thermal socks to keep your feet warm and limit the chance of snow getting to your feet.

and as always…

Listen to your feet: Foot pain is not normal, so don’t suffer from aching or sore feet. Check your feet regularly for any evidence of swelling, blisters or ingrown toenails. If you have any issues, talk to our Podiatrist today.