Putting your best foot forward with Soccer

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Soccer is a popular sport for players of all ages. It can involve short bursts of running and jumping for the goalkeeper, and constant running of various paces for players in the back, midfield and forward positions. With running comes the need for players to have strong feet, ankles and knees. If these joints become overloaded during soccer, an injury may occur requiring rest and treatment.

One type of injury is an acute injury, which are injuries that occur suddenly and tend to require immediate assessments and treatment. Injuries that are acute may occur when a lower limb joint is moved past its usual range of motion or when two players contact one another when trying to gain possession of the ball.

Another type of injury is a chronic injury, which occur through overuse or fatigue on a bone or muscle, and the earlier a chronic injury is treated, the more effective your treatment and return to sport will be.

To help ensure you are back playing your sport soon, you should treat a problem that arises to your feet or legs as soon as it starts effecting your activity levels. Our friendly team have a wide range of tailored treatments available to best suit you and your treatment goals.