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Pivot Podiatry Custom Foot Orthotics Personalised Process

In the beginning, our podiatrist will take thorough notes on your symptom history and provide you with a diagnosis.

We can incorporate a plethora of resources to enhance our understanding of your symptoms, including; posture and gait analysis, range of motion examinations, medical imaging (ultasound, MRI, X-ray, bone and CT scans). The more data we collect on your lower limb, the more tailor made and personalised our approach to resolving your ailments.

Our next step is observing your holistic gait pattern and lower limb biomechanics.

Our personalised process factors for your activity types, weight, family history, occupation field, joint flexibility, foot posture and age.
This process highlights the unique features for each of your feet, ensuring the optimal orthotic type and features are incorporated into your orthotic to suit you.

Prescribing an orthotic is like making a cake – the more of the correct ingredients you put in, the more desirable the end product.

Aesthetically, some orthotics may look similar, but the effects and benefits the device provides you may differ.

Our podiatrist and team`s extensive expertise in lower limb functions and the effect on your musculoskeletal system allows your practitioner to personally prescribe your device to develop your foot physique and enhance your activity.

If it can quicken your recovery and symptoms, our team can provide you; footwear fitting (Asics joggers) and advice, lower limb stretching and strengthening, enhancement of proprioception/balance, activity optimisation, which can all aid in improving any lower limb compensatory patterns.

Orthotic fitting is the next addition in your personalised process. Our process involves your practitioner undertaking a thorough gait analysis with your orthotic inside your various weekly footwear.
Where appropriate, our team can make modifications to tailor your devices for enhanced lower limb function and pain resolution.

Our team will review your symptoms and orthotics to ensure both your needs and activity levels are right where you want them.
If you have any questions throughout the process, our friendly team are happy to see or speak to you and incorporate adjustments to your personalised program if desirable.