Children`s Assessment

Children's Assessment - Pivot Podiatry

The feet of your child are flexible and constantly adapting structures. Whilst the feet of an adult are more rigid and skeletally mature, your child`s feet have greater flexibility as they are constantly developing their bone structure and bone size.

Flat foot arches during early walking is normal and until skeletal maturity in their teenage years, your child`s feet continue to mature at several stages and sites on their feet. If your child`s foot remains flat with or without pain, it may be desirable to assess their lower limb and feet to ensure desirable foot milestones have been reached.

Some yellow flags for considering a second opinion for your child are;

  • prone to falling both in normal walking and in any of their sporting activities,
  • changes in the way they walk (their gait),
  • aching or soreness in their feet and legs,
  • long time before they begin walking (ideally before 18 months).

Although they are common while your child is growing, not all foot and leg pains experienced by your child are “growing pains”. One reason for your child`s leg pains can be under development of leg and foot structures, leading to fatigue and soreness of these structures.

As it is with sewing (a stitch in time saves nine), the sooner any abnormal symptoms are spotted and managed, the more active and durable your child`s legs will be.