Corns and Callus

Callus and corns are an excess build up of keratin, causing a layer of yellow, hard, dead skin to form. These lesions occur on areas where there is excess friction and pressure, as a way for your body to reduce pressure on the structures (bones, joints) deeper beneath the skin.

Initially, only a layer of hard callused skin will form over an area under pressure. Over time, if the same level of pressure continues, a yellow, small seed-like structure will form within the callus, known as a corn.

Callus and corns on your feet can cause soreness and reduce your mobility. Signs of callus and corns are feeling like you are walking on a stone, and tenderness when direct pressure is applied to the area by your hand or the ground.

Whilst fixing your callus and corns, we will assess the reason why these lesions are occurring and implement strategies to slow or stop them happening again.