Toenail Treatment

Toenail Treatment - Pivot Podiatry Thornton, NSW

Toenail issues are commonly encountered by all ages and activity levels.
Changes to nails, we see at Pivot are increased curvature and thickness, brittleness and ridges, discoloration on the surface and infection.
Research shows that as our age increases so to does our likelihood of toenail conditions presenting in our feet.


General Nail Care

As you age and circulation reduces you are prone to fragile, brittle or thickened nails. As feet are so far down from our hands and eyes, our strength, flexibility or eyesight may not allow us to trim our own nails. Our team at Pivot Podiatry will assist with trimming, thinning and maintaining toenails, allowing the nails to grow in the most desirable and comfortable way.

Another stubborn nail condition to treat is fungal toenails. Signs are thickening and lifting of the nail, and discoloration with crumbling on the nail surface.

Without treatment, fungal toenail infections tend to stay in the toenail. Our practitioners will thin your nail and use an anti-fungal topical treatment to reduce the infection while your nail is thin and treatment penetrates best.


Depending on severity, we offer various treatment types to best suit you. If your in-growing nail causes mild pain and is a new condition, conservative treatment involving toenail trimming and ensuring the nail edge is smooth works effectively.

In addition, if your symptoms persist in the future, our team can provide a simple procedure using local anaesthetic (either a Total Nail Avulsion or Partial Nail Avulsion).


Causes of a thickened toenail may be trauma to the nail bed (from tight shoes or lots of walking), a fungal infection, psoriasis, or reduced circulation to your feet. Our team can quickly and gently minimise the thickness of your nails using a burr attached to a nail drill with vacuum extraction for the dust (drill looks similar to a dremel tool).