Sports Injuries and Assessment

Sports Injuries and Assessment - Pivot Podiatry

Our team at Pivot Podiatry participates in a wide variety of sports, and love both the enjoyment of playing with your peers and improving your sporting performance.

Here at Pivot, we have treated players from weekend warrior level to Australian and United Kingdom representatives. There are numerous sports on offer in the Hunter region, we have had the priviledge of helping participants from soccer, line dancing and modern dance, golf, triathlon, athletics, crossfit, tennis, netball and basketball.

Communication between your practitioner, client and coach allows for a shared timeline of return to play to be constructed and achieved.

Sporting rehabilitation plans are personalised to fit all activity and individual styles, our team often provide you with;

  • Footwear guidance and in-house fitting (Asics trainers available),
  • Lower limb joint mobilisation and manipulation,
  • Functional foot, ankle and knee taping,
  • Orthotics for in-shoe foot control,
  • Tailored prioprioceptive stretches and balance enhancement,
  • Strengthening programs,
  • Foot and ankle bracing,
  • Personalised programs for return to sport/work/activity