Diabetes Assessment and Management Services

Diabetes Assessment and Management - Pivot Podiatry

Diabetes is a prevalent health condition throughout Australia and the world. The condition may reduce blood supply to your feet, with potential for numerous pathologies in your lower limb and feet.

If blood supply is reduced, healing may delay and potential infections for diabetics when their skin is cut or splits open.

Need and Benefits of Diabetic Food Assessment

The feet may present both externally and internally with multiple complications from diabetes.

Diabetes affects the microvascular blood vessels (small sized vessels) which can reduce arterial elasticity and blood flow to your feet.

Affects on tiny nerve endings in the lower limb can proceed signs of neuropathy (a neurological condition characterised by pain, numbness or tingling in one or more parts of the body) causing a loss of feeling in the lower limb.

Sensation reductions can allow injuries to a diabetic`s feet to go unnoticed, as the nerve signalling from the feet has been disrupted.

In addition, a diabetic could experience altered sensations including burning, tightness, numbness, or some tingling sensation in their feet.

Both General Practitioners and our Podiatrists recommend a diabetic foot assessment to establish your baseline and progressive foot health status.

Our assessment process can highlight the presence of Diabetic Neuropathy and Peripheral Vascular Disease. These ailments need to be monitored carefully as may regress downwards to limb amputations if early detection and modifications aren`t provided.

Our team maintain confidential communication with yourself and your GP regarding revised results of all assessments, and will advise whether you need to return annually, six monthly, or more regularly.