Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanical Assessment - Pivot Podiatry

Our team provides thorough bio-mechanical assessments highlighted if there is normal/restricted/excessive motion at various joints at your foot, ankle, knee and lower back.

Your practitioner takes a moving gait analysis whilst you walk and run on floor and treadmill. Also, your limbs and various joints are measured for length and range of motion, highlighting your kinetic (movement) patterns.

Benefits of a biomechanical assessment

It is beneficial to get a baseline examination of your body to find out any strength or flexibility restrictions between your two sides.

Additionally, injuries can occur when there are discrepancies between your medial (inside) foot arch height or limb length between your two sides. People may develop compensations in their bodies posture so that these discrepancies don’t cause any symptoms, however if pain presents our friendly team is able to highlight the area and alleviate your symptoms.

Our team can incorporate a tailored exercise program, with additional orthoses if necessary to alleviate your limb discrepancy symptoms.